The Islamic Burial Foundation is the UK's first Islamic funeral fund which has been created to support Muslim families during the bereavement process. Our aim is to provide support to alleviate some of the stresses that are otherwise unavoidable during this time, allowing you to focus on moving forward by eliminating financial worries.

Our founders at T.I.B.P. are renowned and reliable funeral directors who are aware of how expensive burying a loved one can be and the strain this can cause for the family left behind. As trusted pillars of the community, we wanted to create something that would aid and assist our Muslim population by providing flexible payment plans which are tailored to your needs in order to cover the cost of your funeral.

As the average cost of a traditional burial is ever-growing and has risen above £4,798, we understand, as a foundation that the average individual typically would not have these funds readily available or would struggle to accumulate such funds at the time of mourning. By providing our plans we guarantee to cover the cost of the burial this includes: transportation of the deceased, preparation of the departed, allocation of the burial ground and the arrangement of the deceased to be flown back to their home land if requested.

The Islamic Burial Foundation's plans comply with the WAQF charter